Growing Home’s Year in Review

2019 brought changes and growth to both Growing Home as well as the communities we serve. Growing Home always strives to serve the changing needs of the North Denver Metro area while also thinking ahead as to how we can impact future generations by providing support to eliminate the cycle of poverty. While we are [...]

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Maximize Your Donations at Growing Home with Planned Giving

Imagine that Growing Home didn’t exist, had to close its doors, and couldn’t serve Westminster and North Metro Denver families? Would it matter? Emphatically, yes! More families would be homeless. More children would go to bed hungry. More families struggling to pay their rent or energy bills might end up being evicted. And, even more [...]

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How Growing Home’s PAT Program Impacts Hundreds

Growing Home's Parents as Teachers program, also known as PAT, is not unique to us. In fact, it is a nationally-implemented program that served 2,445 children in Colorado alone. What does make our PAT program unique, however, is its success rate. Every year, the various programs are evaluated to see if the families they serve [...]

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Growing Home was Featured in the Denverite

Thank you to Donna Bryson with the Denverite for bringing light to the importance of homelessness prevention. While bittersweet, Growing Home is phasing out the Canopy program that offered temporary housing to families and transitioning to a best practice that addresses housing instability and displacement. This is not a decision that Growing Home takes lightly, [...]

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Feature Post: Resource Tips for Families from Growing Home’s “EcoMama”

Hi, I'm Shanelle, the EcoMama, and I'm on a mission to help my community. I want to help families find resources in and around the Denver Metro area to ensure that they get the most bang for their buck while also being as environmentally friendly as possible. My journey started around 10 years ago when [...]

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Growing Home to Close Canopy Program, New Focus on Preventing Homelessness

Since our inception in 1998, we have offered temporary housing to hundreds of families using the overnight rotational shelter model known as Canopy. While homelessness continues to be a prevalent issue for families, long-term sustainability of the program from a space, volunteer, and financial perspective has become increasingly challenging. Additionally, we believe that the best [...]

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Governor Jared Polis Visits Growing Home

Pictured from left-to-right: Westminster City Councillor Sheela Mahnke, Chief Program and Impact Officer Dolores Ramirez, State Senator Faith Winter, PAT Program Manager Olga Lopez, Governor Jared Polis, Parent Educator Rhiannon Riccillo Fruner, Chief Development Officer Pell Fender, President and CEO Karen Fox Elwell, PAT Program Director at Parent Possible Michele Provost, State Representative Shannon [...]

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Growing Home News, March 2019

PRESIDENT AND CEO KAREN FOX ELWELL PRESENTS STATE OF THE ORGANIZATION Delwest's Baker School Apartments was the site of Growing Home's annual "State of the Organization" reception on February 26, 2019. Baker School Apartments is a new, affordable-housing complex located at 64th Avenue and Lowell Street, where Growing Home has been invited as the sole nonprofit [...]

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Adopt a Child 2018

Please contact Iris Abraham at iris@growinghome.org or 720-407-1987 to donate or sign up. 

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