Coming Full Circle: A Family Success Story

Growing Home recently had a visit by a family that, years ago, had taken part in numerous Growing Home services. This family originally came to Growing Home in crisis, seeking supplemental food and housing assistance. Once they were stabilized through these supports, they began taking Incredible Years parenting classes. The mother first took this class [...]

Coming Full Circle: A Family Success Story2020-09-08T11:01:21-06:00

Parents as Teachers Success Story

The Russo family has lived in Westminster for over 14 years where they are raising their three children ages 12, 11, and 4. To support their family, the mother, Sarah, and the father, Jacob, both work full time; Sarah as a babysitter and Jacob as a construction worker. Four years ago Sarah and Johnny, her [...]

Parents as Teachers Success Story2020-08-03T15:44:23-06:00

Reflection on Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A feature from Growing Home CEO, Karen Fox Elwell.   2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have thrown many challenges at Growing Home. I am so proud that we have risen to the occasion and persevered throughout this time. We continue to fulfill our mission and vision and have a meaningful impact in the lives of [...]

Reflection on Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic2020-07-13T13:37:07-06:00

Paycheck to Paycheck is Now Day by Day

A message from Growing Home's Food Access and Justice Coordinator, Paula Martin Carvajal   Day by day, we are having to modify the “conveniences in our lifestyles” to the changing times around us. There are messages of solidarity in the streets; like the neighborhoods under lockdown in Spain that, in the evenings, have joined forces [...]

Paycheck to Paycheck is Now Day by Day2020-03-18T11:29:20-06:00

Additional COVID-19 Updates

As an organization with a vision of our entire community working together to ensure families have a place to call home, food on the table, and opportunities to pursue their dreams, we realize we have a responsibility to support those most vulnerable in our community at this critical time. This enduring value guides us as [...]

Additional COVID-19 Updates2020-03-16T11:22:09-06:00

Growing Home Update: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 begins to spread around Colorado and the United States and continues across the world, Growing Home is monitoring the situation to ensure the safety and wellness of our staff, volunteers, and families. While we are taking extra precautions, our commitment to providing community support will remain a priority. Growing [...]

Growing Home Update: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)2020-03-12T15:45:26-06:00

What is Food Insecurity and What Can You Do About It?

Growing Home's Food Pantry distributed over 200,000 pounds of food to families in 2019, which is enough to feed 32 families of four for an entire year. But what factors are at play that lead people to our Food Pantry? Today, we will be looking at the complicated issues that lead to food insecurity through [...]

What is Food Insecurity and What Can You Do About It?2020-02-14T16:23:06-07:00

Record Visits to Growing Home Food Pantry in 2019

We recently crunched the numbers of  Growing Home Food Pantry visits in 2019 and the results blew us away. Throughout the past year, there were 1,433 unduplicated families representing 6,845 unduplicated individuals, and 3,665 of those individuals were children. We saw these families across the span of 4,402 visits, during which time they received food [...]

Record Visits to Growing Home Food Pantry in 20192020-02-06T12:46:27-07:00

Growing Home’s Year in Review

2019 brought changes and growth to both Growing Home as well as the communities we serve. Growing Home always strives to serve the changing needs of the North Denver Metro area while also thinking ahead as to how we can impact future generations by providing support to eliminate the cycle of poverty. While we are [...]

Growing Home’s Year in Review2019-12-31T11:55:40-07:00

Maximize Your Donations at Growing Home with Planned Giving

Imagine that Growing Home didn’t exist, had to close its doors, and couldn’t serve Westminster and North Metro Denver families? Would it matter? Emphatically, yes! More families would be homeless. More children would go to bed hungry. More families struggling to pay their rent or energy bills might end up being evicted. And, even more [...]

Maximize Your Donations at Growing Home with Planned Giving2019-11-27T10:55:22-07:00
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