Southwestern Adams County is one of Denver’s last affordable places to rent or buy a home. However, as the new Light Rail stops at 71st and Lowell and 60th and Wolff are  completed and transit oriented development is planned, prices are like to increase (Colorado Trust, 2016). Without immediate action, families are likely to be priced out of their homes. We know that children’s health and education suffers when they do not have the stability of a consistent home and neighborhood. Community advocacy and community leadership are needed to continue to advocate for affordable housing and support opportunities for residents to remain in their community.


Growing Home’s community organizer has trained 12 community stakeholders who have taken on leadership positions and have met with city council members, county commissioners, the police department, landlords of large housing complexes, school principal, and other community residents. In only eight months they have had several victories including replacing a hazardous playground with new equipment, convening a community café to discuss neighborhood safety with city officials, and convincing city officials to bring the GOCO grant funds to this high-need neighborhood.