Connecting Community

We believe thriving and equitable communities can exist when we tap into the resiliency and leadership of the families with whom we work.  We focus on connecting our families to each other as well as other community members.  In this way, we create a foundation where everyone shares in the responsibility of solving community problems and creating sustainable outcomes for all.

Many families who are currently receiving services and have previously received services from Growing Home are engaging in collective action to improve their community.  Additionally, many have the desire to give back by volunteering and sharing their own knowledge.

How does Growing Home connect community?

  • Community Organizing
    • Growing Home engages community members, identifies and trains neighborhood leaders, and supports residents as they empower each other to leverage their collective power to address priority issues identified by the community.
  • Advocacy
    • Growing Home monitors legislation around issues identified by families as important to them, and advocates for system changes that enhance family stability.
  • Volunteerism
    • Growing Home’s volunteers come from many different neighborhoods, professions, and social circles, but they all have one thing in common – they all want to give back to build stronger families and communities.  Some are community members who find joy in helping others, while some are former program participants who have stabilized their lives and wish to support other families enduring similar struggles.