Home for the Summer Campaign

What does it mean to be home for the summer?

Here at Growing Home, we think of road trips, cookouts, and time well spent with family.

For some, this reality can be out of reach. Being home for the summer might mean increased expenses at home, especially for those with children. Having children at home for the summer can drive up the costs of utility bills as well as food, especially for families that have benefited from school-provided meals throughout the year.

This is the case for the families participating in the Housing Justice and Access program here at Growing Home. Program services include rental assistance, access to an affordable housing community, and three months of case management.

We invite you to join us as we work to ensure that children and their families have a place to call home for the summer and take steps towards a brighter future. 

Ways to Support

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Donate in-kind

Got Questions?

  • For questions about our in-kind drive, contact David Gonzalez, Community Partnership Administrator, at (720) 407-1986 or david@growinghome.org

  • For questions about making a financial contribution, contact Karie Schmitz, Development and Communications Coordinator, at (720) 407-1970 or karie@growinghome.org