By Karen Fox Elwell, President and CEO

As we begin 2021 and set our own personal new year’s resolutions, so too do we as an organization set out new goals and plans for the coming year. Growing Home is entering the final year of our existing strategic plan.  This plan has been our north star since 2018 and has helped us to strengthen the organization’s infrastructure and holistic programmatic approach, while also ensuring that the organization has remained firmly connected to, informed by, and in partnership with the north metro Denver community. We have made significant progress on the plan and on our strategic priorities of Community Leadership, Participant Engagement, A Quality Home for Growing Home, and Organizational Sustainability.  

As we look to 2021, we aim to sustain this progress and continue forward on this trajectory.  2020 was not the year that we anticipated, and we needed to adapt and be responsive to the quickly changing community needs. As we enter 2021, we will continue to be responsive to the community needs exacerbated by the pandemic.  We aim to bolster and strengthen our food access and housing stability programs, which are seeing an unprecedented demand. We plan to grow and cultivate our community resources and partnerships. We will continue to provide resources and supports for caregivers to support the healthy growth of their children. We aspire to cultivate the leadership and amplify the voice of our community to advocate for issues most important to them.  Throughout all this work, we will carry forward with a strong focus in four areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion; participant-centered approaches; continuous improvement; and data driven decision-making. 

Lastly, as we conclude our existing strategic plan, we will use 2021 as a year of reflecting, visioning, and planning as we chart our strategic direction for 2022 and beyond.  Thank you for being a part of the Growing Home familia and the important role you will play in helping us accomplishing our goals and attaining our dreams this year!