A message from Growing Home’s Food Access and Justice Coordinator, Paula Martin Carvajal


Day by day, we are having to modify the “conveniences in our lifestyles” to the changing times around us. There are messages of solidarity in the streets; like the neighborhoods under lockdown in Spain that, in the evenings, have joined forces to applaud the healthcare workers of that country from their balconies. There are messages of unity beyond the fields that divide us, and there are light and natural gestures of kindness that we did not imagine we would see in ourselves, in our neighbors, or in the rest of the nation, which show our desire to take care of one another.

However, there is a disproportionate struggle in our most vulnerable communities that will continue to worsen. For a family that has not been facing food and housing insecurity, seeing the empty toilet paper shelves is an adjustment, and stocking up on food is a must. Yet, for those working for hourly wages in industries that are shutting down, with kids at home, lacking access to two daily meals at school, and the majority of food pantries losing their supplies and ability to operate─it is not simply an adjustment, it is a moment in which they are confronting financial survival. This is the time to expand our humanity and hospitality to our weakest ones. As the Food Access and Food Justice Coordinator for Growing Home, I can assure you our team is not shutting down our food pantry operations until we run out of food. If you are looking to give back to your community, and you have the financial stability to do so, make a contribution to our virtual food drive. The families that are facing the cost of paying rent without jobs will thank you tremendously.

For more information about the food pantries that are currently operating in Colorado, visit
hungerfreecolorado.org and for more information on Growing Home’s operations, you can reach
me at paula@growinghome.org.