Growing Home’s mission to guide children and their families on the path to a brighter future lies at the heart of all we do.

  1. We Respect and care for those we serve and for one another. We welcome diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
  1. We focus on Effectiveness. We expect results, evaluate what we do, and rely on the resulting data and outcomes for decision making. We do what works and do it well.
  1. We create space for Learning. We always strive for our best and expect the best from those with whom we work. Along the way, we honor mistakes and imperfection as opportunities for growth.
  1. We encourage shared responsibility through Collaborative Leadership. We nurture community ownership of our mission and we work to foster confidence in everyone we touch. We want to share the tools for success.
  1. We operate with Professionalism. We demonstrate excellence, accountability, resourcefulness, customer service and competence.
  1. We cultivate Inclusiveness in all we do. We take the time to listen, and to welcome and value the richness of diverse community. We commit to working through the tensions that arise in the midst of genuine community.