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For Cause Eviction Legislation Announcement

Today, our Co-CEO, Veronica Perez and Lead Community Organizer, Bruno Tapia Garcia attended in support of the For Cause Eviction legislation announcement with bill sponsors, advocates, and Colorado House Leadership.

What are For Cause Policies and Why Are They Important:

For Cause Eviction policies are tenant protections that outline the legal grounds for when a landlord can evict a tenant or refuse to renew a tenant’s lease. The definition of “For Cause” (often called an allowable reason for eviction) generally includes lease violations by the tenant, such as non-payment of rent or property destruction. Several states and municipalities across the county have passed For Cause protections, but Colorado has not.

When For Cause Eviction protections are not in place, housing stability is affected, especially at the end of a lease. When families lack stable housing, the entire family is impacted. This can lead to negative health outcomes for adults and children, worse educational outcomes for children, higher poverty rates, exacerbation of historic racial inequities, and homelessness. Requiring For Cause Evictions will increase tenants’ sense of stability and security and benefit the community’s overall health and well-being.

For Cause Policy