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Instructions for February Schedule

You might have noticed that the February schedule looks a bit different than past schedules. Growing Home is excited to be using a new volunteer platform. This new platform is what you see when you click the February Schedule button.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Follow the 4 simple steps below to see the February Schedule and begin signing up for open volunteer opportunities:

March Schedule
  • Complete the Volunteer Application Form

  • Click on the February Schedule

  • Enter Your Username and Password

  • Select the “My Schedule” Tab and Signup

April Schedule

Special Opportunities and Events

Patio Renovation

As spring time approaches and the days grow longer, we know that the residents at our affordable housing community will be out and about more and more each day. If you have a group interested in joining us to volunteer for a day, please reach out to learn how you can help renovate our community patio space.

Light Bulbs for Affordable Housing

Growing Home has recently received a generous donation of energy-efficient LED light bulbs from Food Bank of the Rockies via their innovative partnership with Excel Energy. We are committed to distributing these light bulbs through 3 channels – our Food Pantry, Parent as Teachers Program, and our affordable housing partners, including our very own Westchester – just blocks from our offices on West 72nd.

Storage Renovation

The dumpster enclosure at our affordable housing community is in disrepair. We will need to tear it down and build a new one in its place. This is a great opportunity for group volunteerism. If interested, please reach out to learn more!

All Volunteers Meeting

Growing Home has a long tradition of volunteerism, in no small part because we recognize our volunteer community as the serious stakeholders that you are. In this spirit, we have traditionally hosted quarterly meetings to keep you in-the-know. This year, we will host these meetings each trimester. The first of this year will be 4:30 – 5:30 PM on Tuesday, March 9. Please, join us as we share updates and kick-off another powerful year of volunteerism at Growing Home!

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Erin Go Braugh Race


Every year, Growing Home participates in a number of races hosted by local organization, 3W Races. The first big race on our calendar for this year will be the annual Erin Go Braugh Race hosted on Wednesday, March 7. This year the race will be virtual. For more information and to register:

Click here.

Essential Services Campaign

There is no doubt that in some way or another Covid has impacted your life much as it has the lives of so many of your neighbors. It is no surprise then that for so many this pandemic has only exacerbated existing barriers to access of affordable housing, healthcare, childcare, and even daily essentials such as personal hygiene items. In fact, both your neighbors as well as the organizations serving them have indicated that these daily essentials such as laundry detergent and soap are among the least accessible essentials along with fresh produce, affordable housing, and more.

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Volunteer Standards of Conduct

Volunteer Guidebook

Other Ways to Contribute

  •  Make a monetary contribution by clicking here, set up a fundraising page through Colorado Gives and ask your friends and family to give, or set up a monthly payment.

  • Check out a list of commonly needed items if you would like to make an in-kind donation. Our team of dedicated volunteers would be happy to receive it!

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