Growing Home Has a New Leadership Announcement.

Growing Home Leadership Announcement

The impact of Growing Home over its first 25 years has been nothing short of remarkable. Today, we are strong, stable, and thrilled to announce a new shared leadership structure to lead us into the future.

While co-leadership is not a new model in the nonprofit world, the concept of shared power remains an innovation in leadership. After thorough research and careful consideration by Growing Home’s Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce that Carli Seeba and Veronica Perez will share executive responsibilities as Co-CEOs for Growing Home, effective immediately. With our dedicated staff, volunteers, participants, donors, and partners, this permanent co-leadership structure will allow us to continue to be a leader in equity in the anti-poverty movement, with community at the center of Growing Home’s work.

Our two CEOs will collaborate closely, overseeing distinct responsibilities that align with their experience and strengths. As Co-CEO overseeing strategy and impact, Veronica will focus on programs, prioritizing DEIB, managing major external relationships, and providing strategic vision in partnership with the community. As Co-CEO responsible for finance and operations, Carli will focus on managing staff and resources, finance and operations, and sustainability.

A co-leadership model offers an abundance of benefits, especially for a dynamic organization like Growing Home. As evidenced in our community, diverse leadership teams with complementary strengths are proving to outperform traditional single leadership structures. Co-leadership also reinvents classic organizational structures by centering on collaboration and the value of shared responsibilities. In having two CEO’s, Growing Home sees opportunities for increased fundraising capacity, with enhanced visibility of our mission and our deep commitment to equity and social justice for underserved communities.

We are excited about having Veronica and Carli transition to these expanded leadership roles. The combination of their professional experience and organizational strengths will further demonstrate the effectiveness of shared leadership. I look forward to their success and our continued community achievements.

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New Leadership Announcement